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Gerhard Berz, Honorary Professor, University of Munich

Catastrophes and Climate Change: Causes, Costs and Counter-Measures (Re-)Insurance Perspectives

Rasmus Benestad, Climate researcher, Norwegian meteorological institute

Climate variability and extremes

Ola Haug, Research scientist, Norwegian computing center

Applying climate scenarios for prediction of future premiums

Joerg Heumader, Director (ret.), Lecturer, Federal Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control, Tyrol, University for Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Disaster prevention by hazard zoning in Austria

Silvio Funtowicz, Member of Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC), European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Models of Science amd Policy: From expert demonstration to participatory dialogue

Jan Sendzimir, Senior Researcher, Risk and Vulnerability Program IIASA, Austria

Participatory Science for Adaptive Management of the Tisza River in Hungary Relevant paper.

Cecilie Flyen Øyen, Senior researcher, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Departement of Buildings/Environment and Building process group.

Building techniques under review

Torbjörn Olsson, Business analyst, Länsförsäkringar, Sweden

Conclusions from the Swedish Report on Climate and Vulnerability

Knut Nordskog, Director, Natural Hazards Pool, Norway

Natural Catastrophe Risk Management Policy in Norway

Hans von Storch, Professor, Meterological Institute, University of Hamburg

Changes in storm occurence over Northern-Central Europe

Mike Cooper, Head of business solutions, ESRI, UK

Geographic Thinking for Insurers managing risk, exposure and capital allocation

Jos van Alphen, Senior Adviser, Rijkswaterstaat, Centre for watermanagement, The Netherlands

Flood Risk Mapping in Europe: Experiences and Best Practices

Andrew Voysey, Secretary, ClimateWise

How is ClimateWise changing the relationship between insurers and the public?

Swenja Surminski, Policy Adviser Climate Change, Association of British Insurers (ABI)

Flooding, planning and beyond: A UK perspective on climate change and insurance

Elisabeth Meze-Hausken, Climate Researcher, Gjensidige, Norway

Human Perceptions of Climate (Change)

Leonard Smith, Professor and Director of CATS, London School of Economics

Communicating Uncertainties for Those Insuring Future Climate Change

Tor Traasdahl, Chief of communication, WWF, Norway

Tomas Ljungqvist, Managing Director, Guy Carpenter, Sweden

A risk management perspective. What type and what size of coverage?

Silvio Tschudi, Vice President, Property & Specialty Swiss Re Germany AG

Global Warming. A Changing Risk Landscape

Fiona Shaw, Willis, UK

The potential for increases in damage due to more thunderstorms and lightning